Monday, June 30, 2008


The summer has finally started, and really there is no better time for a teacher. Sure I love teaching, and I really enjoy my students, but I REALLY enjoy the summer!

We started things right this year by going to Westport, MA for a week. We usually go to the beach there, but it is an hour and a half from our house. So, my husband had a great idea to rent a place (see picture) which was such a fabulous idea. It was a lazy vacation with trips to the beach, zoo and plenty of time to enjoy the backyard. The kids flew a kite and balsa wood airplanes, and we had a chance to enjoy the local strawberries (unbelievably good!) and LOBSTER!

I got to do a lot of knitting. 2 interesting observations for you:
1) I am knitting my Clessidra socks (almost done with the 1st) out of blue moon fiber arts yarn. Westport was really humid and everything was slightly damp. The interesting thing was that it brought out the vinegar smell in the yarn. I don't know about you, but vinegar always reminds me that the yarn is hand dyed, and you feel even more decadent using it.

2) I also did more work on a sweater for my daughter that has been sleeping for about a year. (luckily she doesn't grow too quickly!) Anyway, I think I haven't worked on it for so long because it is all stockinette. That is CRAZY boring! I feel like I have some strange knitting tick as I knit and watch television. I think I probably slept and knit the sweater at the same time. I have another sleeve, a pocket and an i-cord to go. I am going to have to watch something REALLY exciting and finish this silly sweater. So to answer the question of "Do you knit complicated things so that people will be impressed?" The answer is, NO! I do it, so I will finish the projects!

My goal for the summer is to write more. Hopefully I'll stick to it.

Wear your sunscreen.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

still chugging along

Well another week, and I still have been faithful to the same 2 projects. Am I maturing? I doubt it! I am almost finished with another skein for the blanket, and the first sock.

I read a horrible book over the weekend - actually, I didn't finish it. I figured that life was too short to read bad books - ESPECIALLY when they are my entertainment. I can try to get through some important literary work - but this was DEFINITELY not one of those, and it was just bad. The author did a great job of having you feel how aimless the main character was, but it did not keep me reading. The protagonist was always sleeping around, and so I thought of my knitting - I know a strange hop - but it related to my inability to commit. I have started LOTS of projects, but my finishing rate is about 1 for ever 4 or 5 I start, which is frustrating. So then I think that I won't start anything new until I finish everything - and that is just unrealistic (and as my husband says, knitting is my hobby, so there aren't any rules - he's such an enabler! - one of the many reasons why I married him!!!!) But I do think I should have some rules about starting and finishing - any thoughts are welcome.

Sorry no pictures!


Sunday, June 1, 2008

I missed May!

Happy June! I hope all is well with everyone (if anyone even reads this any more!) I have been busy with life - working, cleaning and just the usual things that go on around here. Work has been crazy - my seniors finished up, but they also had to take their AP Psychology tests in the middle of May. I think they did well. They sounded very positive about the test which can be a good sign.

We also got our class assignments for next year, and at the moment I will be above the union maximum, which has had me in quite a tizzy. The response from my director when I pointed this out to him was, "you shouldn't be so good." Hmmmm - how does one respond to this? Isn't that always the way - if you do a good job then usually you are rewarded with more work. In general I don't know how to deal with this. I have an easier time if people don't feel like they can depend on me, but...... I feel worse about myself. Or.... I try hard and get rewarded with more work. It is a strange world in which we live.

The Red Sox are back, and I have been doing a lot of knitting. I have been faithful to 2 projects - my nephew's blanket and my Clessedra socks (pictured above). They are the perfect balance of ease and difficulty. Knitting wise, I feel satisfied, and my eyes are not wandering to other projects.

Summer is coming, and I can hardly wait.