Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wednesday night friends

For a few years now I have been knitting with friends on Wednesday nights. We have met at coffee shops and lately at the Watertown Library. It has been fantastic! It is an eclectic group of (mostly) women, and so nice to sit and knit and not have to worry about the stuff that usually consumes my thoughts. It may be one of the things that always keeps me knitting on a regular basis - the excuse to keep connected with these people and also connected with all of the people that I have virtually met through the internet and Ravelry in particular.

Last night, though, I used my "evening off" (from the family) to have dinner with an old friend. She uses the same day care that I do, so I run into her a couple of times a week, and we get to chat for a minute or two. But last night, it was just the two of us -- no husbands, no kids, no special event - just us. Can I tell you, it was so TOTALLY fantastic. She was one of the people that I did things with on a regular basis when we were both single (the mid to late 90's) and we realized that we hadn't gotten together, just the two of us since my first daughter was born in 2002.

The thing that was so great was that we were talking at a deeper level immediately. Not heavy, just honest - it probably helps that we see each other so regularly, but it was just so great to just dive into things without background info.

Life gets so busy for everyone. Between work, kids, family and trying to not let my house fall down around my ears (a losing battle), I feel like I have lost touch with some important people in my life. Luckily I do have the knitting group to have the socialization on a regular basis - but those non-knitting friends are really special too!