Monday, November 24, 2008

Instant gratification

I have been working on a lot of knitting -- a sweater for me, a sweater for my niece that was born in October, a blanket for my nephew (born last April) and my Clessidra socks. So of course, you know, I was totally fantasizing about a new hat. Actually, that isn't exactly true. It was FREEZING here last week, and I hated the hats that I had, so I made a new one.

This is made of Jamie Harmon yarn, and is so soft and incredibly warm. I really love it -- and it is reversible. (It is basically a tube, as you can see.)

I met Jamie at Rhinebeck this year, and I ordered a sweater's worth of yarn that she is plying for me. Her yarn is so soft!!!!!!!! It is 50% merino and 50% angora. Definitely a luxury - but if we didn't want this really special stuff, we would just buy all of our sweaters and hats!

Happy Thanksgiving.


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Virtuous said...

This is the BEST time of year to be knitting!! Keep clicking away to keep yourself warm! :o)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!