Friday, August 3, 2007

Driving Miss Wusie

The other day I was whining to my husband about feeling like my summer was almost over, and he volunteered to pick up the girls so that I could go to the beach. The beach that I like to go to is about an hour and 15 minutes from here, and I used to go all the time. Then we had kids, and now we just go as a family - but I really love my "me" time at the beach. The only problem is that I very rarely drive on the highway now. I'll be married for 10 years at the end of the month, and since we have been married, my husband does most of the driving. It makes sense because I get knitting time, and he isn't bored. The only problem is that now I am very afraid of driving on the highway.

Well I was very proud of myself for getting to the beach. I only stopped 3 times, and I hardly hyper-ventilated at all. The problem was on the way home. It was getting dark, and the closer you get to Boston, the more traffic there is. Needless to say I ended up at one of those highway gas stations/Burger King/Dunkin Donuts places (I didn't even think I would get that far) and called my husband while I sobbed hysterically. My sister-in-law stayed with the kids while my brother-in-law drove my husband to come get me and the car. It was so embarrassing. If anyone has any helpful advice about things to do for panic attacks, I'm all ears.

The beach itself was fantastic - I read magazines, did needlepoint (I felt like I was cheating on my knitting) and listened to the Red Sox beat the Orioles. It was all good. I just wish I could have made it all of the way home on my own steam.



Anonymous said...

So sorry about the end to your perfect day. I wish I had some words of wisdom to help with panic attacks but I don't. Thankfully your hubby was able to come rescue you.

Just a note to let you know that you KVVS package should've arrived today but in looking at the tracking info it says that there was a delay from a late train. Grrrrr.

IF you want a hint as to where it's coming from, take a look at this UPS tracking #
1Z A22 29V 03 4193 306 7

Hopefully it'll arrive today or Monday. Have a great great weekend.

Your KVVS Pal

Psyched2Knit said...

Wow - Anaheim - I've been there, but not for a while. I'm so excited for the package. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I've been long time reader and I love reading your blog. I saw your latest post and I thought I would comment and the driving dilemma.
If it's any consolation, you're not alone in this situation, it's happened to a friend of mine. She had to call her husband to come pick her up, too.
Sometimes it helps if you turn on the radio or listen to your favorite music and sing-a-long at the top of your lungs. Also, I've heard if you put some scented oil near the vents in your car - aromatherapy - it helps calm the anxiety of driving on the highway.
You've probably already heard of these suggestions, but I just thought I would throw them out there.
Glad you made it home safely after having a nice day to yourself.

Psyched2Knit said...

thanks so much Mac!

CynCyn said...

whew! I'm glad you got home ok. I have no advice for helping you thru the panic attacks, b/c I swear that every time I drive, i feel like I am taking my life into my hands.

Great gets in NYC!! The jamie harmon yarn gets sinfully soft when knit up. See you Tuesday?