Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Non-knitting and whining

I just found out that "Big Love" started back up again months ago. I am obviously way out of the loop. But the good thing about this situation is that I can have my own little "Big Love" marathon. That show just sucks me in. Plural marriage is a very weird thing! I definitely like the story lines and the characters, but in some ways it is like watching a train wreck. I vacillate between being fascinated and disgusted. There must be a ton of people who agree with me, because it did come back for another season. I work in a town that has a lot of Mormon families, and one of my students expressed her anger at the show for bringing this topic up. She knows that plural marriage was a part of her faith's history, but the practice stopped over 100 years ago. I was very proud of her for stating her opinion because she rarely got angry so it was good to see the fire in her. Anyway, I just mention that, because I know that the show deeply upsets some people.

My own blah feeling right now comes from the fact that I am going to have to move classrooms for one of my classes next year. Of course it is the only one that I haven't taught before. Next year will be my 9th year at the school and the first time that I have had to move. It SUCKS! I know that in the scheme of things this is really no big deal, but on a personal level, it is causing a lot of anxiety. - I am sure that my fellow teachers understand.

My knitting is fine!


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Andi said...

I had my own Big Love marathon last week, and now I'm all caught up :)