Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

I am sorry that it has been so long since I have posted. We were away for the holidays, and life is just beginning to get back to normal. My parents, sisters and their families and us, all went down to Punta Cana Dominican Republic, for a wonderfully, warm and relaxing week in the sun. It was really nice. It is so rare that you have time to just hang out with your family let alone parents and sisters, so this was just great. My kids got to play with their cousin, and I got to go for a week without making dinner or cleaning!
I got some good knitting time, got to watch the Pats go 16-0 and got to catch up on my silly reading. Totally a great thing.

I'll write more knitting news next time.

Happy New Year.


sherriknits said...

I'm glad you got to get away and it was exactly what you wanted. That's the best kind. Welcome back and Happy New Year!

MaC said...

Happy New Year P2K! I'm glad you're enjoying your time off.

Vicki said...

Hello there! I've come over from the knitting path to have a look because I'm curious!

Glad you had a lovely New Year - hope 2008 is good to you :-)