Friday, May 18, 2007


I have finished 2 backs of sweaters recently. The Elite Inca Alpaca Diamond Fair Isle and then just a plain stockinette sweater made from Great Adoroindak "Nantucket" colorway.

The first takes some concentration, so I did the Nantucket sweater when I was really into the show that I was watching or at knitting group. The Alpaca sweater is my second fair isle project, and my first one in a couple of years. I'm enjoying it - especially the purl rows. I've been putting the secondary color around my neck and purling with my thumb. It is different, and gives my usual knitting muscles a rest.
I got the Alpaca when my husband had shoulder surgery. I got it from an LYS near the high school where I work, that I don't usually go into. The woman there can get a little bossy about knitting and projects, although she does have a decent selection. Anyway, the purchase of the yarn was definitely a stress reaction to my husband having to have surgery. She didn't have everything I needed in stock, so I had to order it. It came in a few days later (since Elite is located about 20 minutes from here) and the yarn store owner called to tell me it was in. My husband was totally doped up on percaset for his shoulder, and the woman was very surprised I got the message. I am sure she is still convinced that I live with a bum!
Backs of sweaters are interesting though - not by themselves, but I seem to have a hard time starting on the fronts of things!
My seniors (meaning all of my students) had their last day today, which is bitter sweet. They have been a really great group of kids. I teach AP Psychology and these kids were really brilliant.

Off to knit.



sherriknits said...

That fair isle sweater is just beautiful! I enjoyed hearing your story. I was on pain meds once and someone told me later they had a hilarious conversation with me, I thought I was totally normal! I hope I get to see the front of your sweater!

Rain said...

They both look lovely, especially the Inca Diamond one. It's going to look stunning when it's done.