Monday, July 23, 2007


I just got back from my weekend in NYC, visiting my sister. It was a really great time. I got to see an old roommate from college who I hadn't seen in 10 years, who is now I window designer for Bloomingdale's. (one of his creations is shown in the picture above) It was great to see him. As always he was funny, very down to earth and just full of energy. On Friday my sister was working and so I went off to yarn stores. Thank you Ambercakes for all of your information. It was fabulous. I walked for most of the day, but only got to 4 stores. The one that I loved the most was Downtown Yarns. What a nice comfortable shop! They had some gorgeous stuff, and it seemed like a place that I would love to go to hang out at if I lived there. I also went to Purl Soho, and really, what is not to love? They have gorgeous yarn (of which I bought a sweater's worth of a lovely merino, cashmere, angora blend). I had to leave the store quickly so I wouldn't buy more stuff - because lord knows I don't need it, and I couldn't afford it. I did go to Habu and to School Products, but I was not quite as excited about those places. I think if I had a project in mind, and knew what I was looking for, I would have had better luck at school products, but I was just looking to see if I "needed" anything, and I didn't. I also went to LUSH which has homemade bath products. I now just need to figure out how to knit in the bathtub and I will be all set! Friday evening we met up with my sister's coworkers for drinks which was great to be able to put some faces with names.
On Saturday we started off going to an hour and 40 minute Yoga class - can we say SWEATY! then went home for lunch, and then a bus tour of Brooklyn. Brooklyn reminds me a lot of Boston and I really want to explore it more then next time I go to visit. Needless to say we were wiped out when it came time for dinner, so we just chilled out at an Italian restaurant around the corner from my sister and her husband, which was so perfect! On Sunday sis and I treated ourselves to massages, and then I caught the train home. All in all it was a FABULOUS weekend! Both me and my credit card need to rest!


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Alaina said...

Sounds like a great time :)

When do we get to see yarn pics? You were planning on sharing, right? LOL

Anonymous said...

Did you read the KVVS blog today? I was going to wait to send it out mid August but it's ready to go, just needs to be wrapped up. And....... since she said we can start sending.

Your preference, sooner or later? :-)

Your KVVK Secret Pal

Psyched2Knit said...

WOW! I guess sooner because I am going out of town in mid August until the end of the month, but whenever you feel is best. That's amazing - thanks so much!!!!

Anonymous said...

It'll ship Monday so you should have it by next Friday. We're around 3000 miles away from each other..... same country. :-)