Monday, July 9, 2007

Romance and Lace

It feels like ages since I have written. I apologize. I've been busy doing mommy things, knitting and reading romance novels. To me, nothing says summer vacation better than romance novels! I used to call them my drug of choice, because my reading them seemed to be like an addiction. I have a hard time stopping once I start, I stay up all night to read them, and so I have a hang over in the morning, and I will avoid doing things that I really need to do, because of reading them - including ignoring friends (like this blog) because of romance novels! In my maturity (ha, ha), I now only read them when I know I can sleep the next day.
So I started the Mystery Stole 3 (about 6 times!) First I tried a merino lace weight, that I kept splitting, so I put that aside. Next I started working with Misty Alpaca lace weight (which I do think is a divine yarn.) and I couldn't do anything with it. That is not exactly true. I did get to row 45 or so, but it didn't really look right, and I was not used to the floating quality of lace weight yarn. It was very hard for me. So I went out and got some "Tofootsies" This is working out much better. I really need to take pictures! I am liking following a chart. It reminds me of when I did cross stitch! But I really need to have quiet time to work on it because it takes a lot of counting, and talking to myself. But it is very interesting to do. I just end up doing it from about 10:00 - 1:30 at night, when no one is around. Today the family went to the beach, so I brought a very simple stockinette sweater that I am making for my 5 year old - different projects for different times.
I promise to write soon.


Cass said...

YAY I've missed your posts! :)

Anonymous said...

Any favorite authors that you haven't read recently?

Signed, your Virtual Vacation Swap secret pal

Psyched2Knit said...


I like all humorous authors. There isn't one specific one. I do like Rachel Gibson, and the last one I read was by Sabrina Jefferies (Only a Duke will Do - how is that for a cheesy title.) Thanks for thinking of me.


Romi said...

I'm using mohair on MS3. :)

Andi said...

I just saw my first balls of Tofootsies in person yesterday, and I'm in love. But I was good and bought none.

CynCyn said...

i'm working on it too! bringing it tonight, b/c after knitting same chart 5x, I think i might be able to do it in public. OOH! Rachel Gibson (me too!). What about Julia Quinn?

Anonymous said...

Or Janet Evanovich? VVSSP :-)

Psyched2Knit said...

Janet E. has been suggested to me a couple of times. I've never read her, I'll have to check her out!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you can do that after Labor Day?? :-)