Saturday, June 30, 2007


Just a quick note. I finished crocheting my first blanket for my youngest daughter. I had started it in January, and basically had it done in about 3 weeks, except for 2 sides of single crochet, which I did tonight. Why I didn't finish it much earlier, is beyond me! I will have to check my horoscope, and find out which planets were in retrograde (ha, ha.)



Virtuous said...

I understand about just letting things sit that are about 95% done without completely finishing them!(I have 2 looking at me now LOL).
So YAH!! on a F.O. blaknet!! :oD

Thanks for stoppying by I hope you enjoy bloglines!!!

Romi said...

Very nice! :)

CynCyn said...

it's kind of like the last 10 lbs... the end is def. the most difficult. At least the crocheted blankets are quicker than the knit ones, eh? Thanks for giving me the heads up about the knit night! I had a blast. See you next week!

V said...

Very pretty! I have a very similar problem....bad, very, very bad. I'm going to have to set aside a "finishing month" one of these days just for all those little crazy 3 row finish offs lying around my apt. :)