Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ravelry hangover

Yes, I have been bitten. I found my camera, and I stayed up until 4:00am last night inputting about half of my stash. I spent today photographing the other half (Half is a relative term. This is the half of the stash that is in its right place - God knows how much more yarn is scattered throughout the house!) I'm really enjoying the message boards and looking at all the talented people's works out there. Some people really create such phenomenal stuff!
Speaking of knitting, I am on my last sleeve of my baby sweater. Is it bad luck to give a baby a sweater that you loathe? I am really hating this thing. I think it is too busy, and of course there is that dye lot issue. I won't tell the parents the heartache with the sweater, I'll just finish it, hand it over and coo over the baby - No one has to know.
Gorgeous weather around here, I hope all New Englanders are enjoying their last taste of summer.


Sheknits said...

Beautiful blanket. I know what you mean about that Ravelry hangover- sometimes i get on there and so caught up and am loving it and irritated all at the same time...mostly loving it!

Ariel said...

I'm sure it's not bad luck to give a loathy (word?? LOL) sweater to a baby. You still made it out of love and that's all that matters. I've given away a lot of things that I hoped to never see again. They will appreciate the effort of a handmade item. :-)

Monica said...

I just received my KVVS package this morning!! Thank you so much Debbie!! It's great to see the East Coast!

sherriknits said...

You've been tagged by me by something going around the 'net. Check it out and feel free to participate or not.