Sunday, September 23, 2007

Stuck on the sweater

I wish I had some eye candy for you, or even that I had something fabulous to report, but I have just been working on the never ending baby sweater. That makes it sound like I have been working on the thing non-stop, but really, nothing could be further from the truth. I have one more sleeve left to go, and then the finishing, but I am still working on it, exclusively. Unfortunately, I have been avoiding knitting because of it. I think I have only sat down to knit twice in the past week. Really, that isn't like me. I do, however, have an active knitting fantasy life.
Because of Ravelry, I have become reacquainted with my stash and fallen back in love with this:

One skein of 4 ply silk Cashmere (55%silk 45% cashmere 170m) by Hand Maiden in the Jester colorway. I keep thinking about what I want to make with it. I have been thinking about a headband - which may be nice and also Fetching (actually, I may be able to do both.) Any other suggestions are definitely welcome.

The other interesting thing about the stash function on Ravelry, is that I only have about half of my stash in there (or less) and that is WAY more than I see for other people. I have been listening to Stash and Burn and Lime and Violet and I thought my stash was a normal size - NOOOOO its not. I think the psychology term for this would be cognitive dissonance - except for the fact that I don't feel uncomfortable!

The other good thing about Ravelry, is that my stash has now all come out of hiding and has totally taken over my study, which has led my husband to be totally frustrated with the state of the house. This is amazing because his tolerance for mess is WAY higher than mine. (I always say we have a fabulous marriage, but a somewhat dysfunctional life, because we are BOTH messy!) Anyway, I floated the idea that he take the girls down to my mother-in-law's Cape (Cape Cod for those of you not from New England) house for Columbus Day weekend so that I can get a handle on the mess, and he thought it was a fabulous idea - So THANK YOU Ravelry!

Hope all is well in knitting land. Say hi to me on Ravelry. As my students say - "Friend me."



sherriknits said...

that is funny about chasing your hubby out so you can clean up your yarn mess. i'm sure my hubby would appreciate something like that, too. i'm just not willing to deal with my mess yet.
i agree, ravelry is way too fun.

Virtuous said...

I say make both!! @ yarn
Luv the colors!

Hey could send me an e-mail at
I need to get your e-mail addy down again! :o)